As the pastor at FPC, I am delighted to be part of this vibrant community of faith! This church is part of the very best that Hays has to offer for welcoming community and growing as followers of Jesus Christ. I love the genuine relationships across generations and the spirit of joy and welcome. There is a “hum” of energy as we look forward to what God has ahead for us.

Perhaps you are considering a visit to a Sunday morning service.  FPC is “relaxed traditional,” with glorious music. We follow an order of worship with space for the Spirit to breathe through it.  Tom Meagher, our Choir director and organist, is a joy to work with and seriously among the best in town. Children are welcome as they are and their art is often shared on our worship bulletins.

We understand Faith Development is a life-long inter-generational process, not just an hour on Sunday morning.  You might find us preparing potluck from Tang’s Asian Market or watching a movie on the lawn, gathered for Bible study at noon Wednesday  or for a meal and discussion at a local place and  delivering critically needed supplies from our ‘Go-Cart” to an area helping agency.

All throughout the week we serve our wider community. Our staff facilitates support groups for those who have lost loved ones in the hardest circumstances, as well as NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) and cancer survivor support groups.  We reach out to build relationships across cultures through Community Connections and Locally Global.  We are always on the lookout for fresh ways to love and serve our neighbors.

Having lived and served churches in many places (CA, MN, IL, MI and now KS) I have been in many beautiful church buildings. Still, our stunningly beautiful sanctuary frequently takes my breath away as the shifting sun highlights the vibrant colors of the Kansas prairie. Stop in and enjoy a glorious quiet place in a busy noisy world to be still or pray. I have found the prayer garden beneath the bell tower another peaceful spot to enjoy the plantings and awesome Kansas sky.

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May you live in the joy and wonder of God’s peace.



Pastor Celeste